Hey everyone!  The past three days I have been eating my Spinach-Mushroom Lasagna that I made! 
Spinach-Mushroom Lasagna
I made it on Tuesday and it’s delicious!  So I started making a tomato sauce for the lasagna but it ended up wrong.  I wanted to make an Italian sauce with onions, carrots and celery.  My dad who owns a pizzeria makes this all the time.  The problem with mine was when I pureed it it turned orange!  I think the problem was because I didn’t puree the carrots and celery in the beginning of the cooking process.  I tried to fix the sauce by putting some jarred tomato sauce that I found in the fridge.  Not reading the ingredients, I poured the jarred tomato sauce to my orange tomato sauce in hopes of making it redder.  Bad idea the jarred tomato sauce had cheese in it!!!!  I was so upset when I did this!  I didn’t know weather to eat it or throw it out.  I hate throwing out food and I almost never do but I didn’t want to feel guilty eating a sauce with dairy in it so sadly I threw it out.  I felt so bad because I had spent about one and a half hours cooking the sauce and it went wrong!  

Luckily I had some vegan jarred tomato sauce in the fridge.  I almost never use jarred tomato sauce for lasagna.  I thought my lasagna turn out bad with the jarred tomato sauce but thankfully it turned out really good!  Now lets talk about the filling I used for it.  I used the awesome Cashew Ricotta from Veganomicon!  This is so so good!  I would have liked it a bit more richer tasting like I made it before but the problem was that I used a bigger amount of tofu and didn’t add more cashews.   When it cooked it firmed up just like dairy ricotta.  It’s amazing!  My filling also consited of spinach and mushrooms.  I made a four layer lasagna and baked it for about an hour.  Now I have been eating lasagna since Tuesday.  After I finish writing this post I am going to freeze it so I can have a quick dinner when I don’t feel like making something. 

I also made some Sweet Potato Blondies from Isa and Terry’s upcoming cookie book!  These were really tasty and really gooey! 
Sweet Potato Blondies

Well that’s about it.