Hey everyone! This is my 18th Vegan MoFo post. I don’t think I am going to have 20 post by tomorrow. Oh well. I have been a bit lazy this week in cooking. I just made a tagine and that’s it. I didn’t do much cooking. I promise you next week I will have a lot of interesting things on my blog! Anyways, I did a survey from Jess of Get Sconed.

What was the most recent tea you drank?
The most recent tea that I drank was camillolle tea.
What vegan forms do you post/lurk on? I post on The PPK forums. I think PPK is the best forum ever!
You have to have tofu for dinner, and it has be an Italian dish. What comes to mind first?
Eggplant Rollantinior Tofu Cutlets with Marinara
How many vegan blogs do you read on an average day?
I try to read all of my blogroll at least 3 times a week.
Besides your own, what is the most recent one you’ve read?
I just read Let’s Get Sconed which is an awesome blog!
If you could hang out with a vegan blogger that you haven’t met, who would it be, and what would you do?
I want to meet Isa! She has taught me so much about cooking through her books. She’s the best!
If you had to base your dinners for a week around one of the holy trilogy – tofu, seitan or tempeh, which would it be?
I love tofu! So many things you can do with it.
If you had to use one in a fight, which would it be?
Frozen Tofu
Name 3 meals you’d realistically make with that tough protein of choice!
Pecan Crusted Seitan, Panko Crusted Seitan with Saffron Cashew Cream Sauce, Fried Seitan
What’s a recipe in vegan blogland that you’ve been eyeing?
i really want to make Vegan YumYum’s fried seitan salad!
Do you own any clothing with vegan messages/brands on them?
I just own a PETA Shirt
Have you made your pilgrimage to the ‘vegan mecca’ yet? (Portland, duh)
No, But one day I will make it there!
What age did you first go vegan? Did it stick?
I became vegan just one year ago when I was 15. I was vegetarian five months before I became vegan.
What is the worst vegan meal you’ve had? Who cooked it?
I made a nasty eggplant moussaka which was from a betty crocker cookbook. It was really bad.
What made you decide to blog?
I was inspired by all the awesome vegan blogs out there. I wanted a place where I can record my vegan eats!
What are three of your favorite meals to make?
I love vegan spankopita. I love Chile cornmeal crusted tofu. I also like Eggplant Parm Pizza vegan style
whole eggplant parm pizza
What dish would you bring to a vegan Thanksgiving-themed potluck?
I would bring an apple pie or pecan crusted seitan.
Where is your favorite vegan meal at a restaurant? How many times have you ordered it?
I only been to a vegan restaurant once but I forget what it was called. I ordered tofu which was really good.
What do you think the best chain to dine as a vegan is?
I like Moe’s, it’s like a burrito place, so good! They have tofu there too!
My kitchen needs a………
Immersion Blender
This vegetable is not allowed in my kitchen…..!
All Vegetables are happily welcomed into my kitchen
What’s for dinner tonight?
Well I have been very lazy the past few days. I think I am just going to have some pasta with jarred garden tomato sauce.