Hey everyone!  Sorry for the two day break, I was sick with a sore throat and still am sick but I just had to get on my blog and update it!  Me and seitan have had many rough times.  I remember my first time having seitan!  It was the most horrible thing I have eaten, it was like rubber.  It was so so chewy.  This was like a couple of months back when I made the Seitan Portabello Strongenoff from vwav.  Now I forget which recipe I used to make the seitan but it was horrible.  I think what I might have done wrong was put the seitan in hot water.  Another tough time with seitan was on Thanksgiving.  I set out to make some Pecan Crusted Seitan.  I started making the seitan and it looked fine and I put it in the water and it completly fell apart.  I had to take it out of the water and add more flour, luckily it formed into something close to seitan.  It was okay at the table, it turned out better than what I have expected.  After that I had a couple more seitan experiences.  My brother doesn’t seitan at all.  I like it but I find it has that “taste” and I just can’t seem to get the right texture.  I still prefer tofu and tempeh to seitan.  I don’t really cook seitan that much, it’s very rare.  This week I really want to try the baked version of seitan maybe it’ll change how I feel about seitan.  On Friday I made Isa’s seitan and added some chickpea flour so I can make it more tender as I was making a Goulash which is traditionally a long cooked beef stew where the meat is suppose to be very tender.  When my mom did a lot of cooking she would always make goulash.  It was one of my favorites on my prevegan days.  So one of my goals has been to great an awesome tasting vegan version.  I created a very close version of it but it could use a some work on the seitan texture and a little on the sauce.  I was thinking maybe putting some mushrooms in the sauce to give it a more meaty tasty.  For some reason my seitan turned out puffy  and not very dense.  I also thing I need to flavor the seitan it a lot more.  I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks as I will try to perfect my seitan making, hopefully by Thanksgiving!  I orginally started writing a recipe for the goulash but I think it needs a little bit of work before I can put it out.  Maybe in a couple of weeks I will try making it again.


My Seitan Goulash