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Slow Oven Roasted Vegetables

Slow Oven Roasted Vegetables

Hey everyone! Today was the last day of Vegan MoFo. It was a really great experience for me. I discovered so many new blogs that I enjoyed reading so much! Vegan MoFo has kept me moviated to post at leat 5 times a week and I will try to contuine that throughout the year. I hope you all had a great Halloween! Today I wanted to make something fall/ Halloween like, the problem was I didn’t have any fall type vegetables. I only had summer ones like eggplant and zucchinii. I quickly threw whatever vegetables I had in my fridge into a casserole dish. I flavored the veggies with fresh mint, thyme, and salt and pepper. I also added tomato sauce to the vegtables. I then slow roasted them for a good one and a half hours. The result was awesome tender roasted vegetables. It was really good.

Hey everyone! This is my 18th Vegan MoFo post. I don’t think I am going to have 20 post by tomorrow. Oh well. I have been a bit lazy this week in cooking. I just made a tagine and that’s it. I didn’t do much cooking. I promise you next week I will have a lot of interesting things on my blog! Anyways, I did a survey from Jess of Get Sconed.

What was the most recent tea you drank?
The most recent tea that I drank was camillolle tea.
What vegan forms do you post/lurk on? I post on The PPK forums. I think PPK is the best forum ever!
You have to have tofu for dinner, and it has be an Italian dish. What comes to mind first?
Eggplant Rollantinior Tofu Cutlets with Marinara
How many vegan blogs do you read on an average day?
I try to read all of my blogroll at least 3 times a week.
Besides your own, what is the most recent one you’ve read?
I just read Let’s Get Sconed which is an awesome blog!
If you could hang out with a vegan blogger that you haven’t met, who would it be, and what would you do?
I want to meet Isa! She has taught me so much about cooking through her books. She’s the best!
If you had to base your dinners for a week around one of the holy trilogy – tofu, seitan or tempeh, which would it be?
I love tofu! So many things you can do with it.
If you had to use one in a fight, which would it be?
Frozen Tofu
Name 3 meals you’d realistically make with that tough protein of choice!
Pecan Crusted Seitan, Panko Crusted Seitan with Saffron Cashew Cream Sauce, Fried Seitan
What’s a recipe in vegan blogland that you’ve been eyeing?
i really want to make Vegan YumYum’s fried seitan salad!
Do you own any clothing with vegan messages/brands on them?
I just own a PETA Shirt
Have you made your pilgrimage to the ‘vegan mecca’ yet? (Portland, duh)
No, But one day I will make it there!
What age did you first go vegan? Did it stick?
I became vegan just one year ago when I was 15. I was vegetarian five months before I became vegan.
What is the worst vegan meal you’ve had? Who cooked it?
I made a nasty eggplant moussaka which was from a betty crocker cookbook. It was really bad.
What made you decide to blog?
I was inspired by all the awesome vegan blogs out there. I wanted a place where I can record my vegan eats!
What are three of your favorite meals to make?
I love vegan spankopita. I love Chile cornmeal crusted tofu. I also like Eggplant Parm Pizza vegan style
whole eggplant parm pizza
What dish would you bring to a vegan Thanksgiving-themed potluck?
I would bring an apple pie or pecan crusted seitan.
Where is your favorite vegan meal at a restaurant? How many times have you ordered it?
I only been to a vegan restaurant once but I forget what it was called. I ordered tofu which was really good.
What do you think the best chain to dine as a vegan is?
I like Moe’s, it’s like a burrito place, so good! They have tofu there too!
My kitchen needs a………
Immersion Blender
This vegetable is not allowed in my kitchen…..!
All Vegetables are happily welcomed into my kitchen
What’s for dinner tonight?
Well I have been very lazy the past few days. I think I am just going to have some pasta with jarred garden tomato sauce.

Hey everyone!  I loved making food from all types of cultures.  Whenever I am eating a foreign dish I feel like I am transported into that country.  It’s an awesome experience!  Yesterday I made a  Moroccan Vegetable Tagine from VwaV.  I’ve wanted to make this recipe for so long, ever since I gotten vwav.  I finally made it!  I was a bit skeptical because their were so many spices and herbs going in it.  I got a little worried when the recipe listed raisins and cinamin because I didn’t know how it would work in a savory dish.  I added a few extra vegetables like celery, peppers, and broccoli.  It worked out perfectly.  When I tried it tasted a bit like curry, probably because of the turmeric.  The tagine came out well and when I added lemon it was even more awesome!  The raisins really made it interesting and the cinnamon added a nice back-round flavor to it.  The couscous I served it with was also great.  Today it was even better becasue the flavors settled perfectly.  This is defiantly a   The tagine wasn’t that photogenic but it was sure tasty!

Moccroan Vegetable Tagine

Hey everyone!  Its been a couple of days since I posted something up.  Well tonight I am going to post some things I have cooked up. 

On Friday I made a lot of things.  My aunt and her family came on Friday and my mom was at work.  It was me, and my grandparents at home so I offered to make some of the food.  I wanted to make some type of cookie but I was a bit low on baking ingredients like the brown sugar and chocolate chips.  I went to Isa’s old blog and saw Vegan Milano cookies.  I had most of the ingredients except for bittersweet chocolate, I had only unsweetened but I fixed that up my putting some sugar in it.  These cookies were good but it took forever to bake them because my oven keeps shuting off!! 
vegan milano cookies

Well anyway I made 3 more things that night.  I made the famous chickpea cutlets baby size!  I wanted to make mini versions of them so my aunt and her family would be more willing to try them.  They went really good as always.  Their were no leftovers. 
chickpea cutlets mini
I also made my favorite broccoli recipe from the Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen Cookbook.  It’s the best broccoli I have ever had, its called Sicilian Style Broccoli.  Basically you simmer it in vegetable broth, garlic, and capers. Its so so good! 
Lastly I made some rice pilaf which I adapted from the Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen Cookbook. 
rice pilaf
I also served my mom’s Albanian Beans, which my mom made this time.  My grandpa also had to have meat as he thinks you have to serve people meat.  Oh well at least everything else was vegan!  

Saturday I made some hummus!  I love hummus!  Its seriously my favorite food, I could eat it all day and I have done that a few times!  I am still working on the perfect recipe.  I finally achieved the creamy consitensity.  Today it was super creamy.  It was a bit dense because I added a bit more tahini than normal like 6 tablespoons.  I used the v’con recipe this time and I liked it but I still think it needs more lemon.  I just love lemon and can’t get enough of it.  Overall the hummus was great!  I ate the whole bowl below for dinner!  I ate it was some Ritz crackers!  It was awesome!!  Tonight I found an awesome blog all about hummus!  It’s so cool.  It has very good information about hummus making! 

Hey everyone!  Kelly from The Pink Apron tagged me for seeing what’s in my freezer.  Thanks Kelly for tagging me!  I use my freezer as a storage center for some of my spices so they don’t go bad as I bought them in bulk. My freezer doesn’t have meat and it rarely has meat since my family doesn’t eat a lot of meat since I became vegan. I’m glad because I am saving so many animal!

my freezer

my freezer part 2

I am tagging the following awesome bloggers to show their freezers

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2) La Vegan Loca
3) Vegan Eats & Treats
4) Mobetta Vegan
5) Sweet Potatoe

Also today I made some pasta with what ever vegetables were in my fridge.  I have been going on a pasta overload but its OK, because they are so good!  Today I had penne with capers, zucchini, spinach, shallots, broccoli, balsamic vinegar, and garlic!  It was so good and simple!

Pasta Primavera

Hey everyone!!  Yesterday my grandparents came from Montenegro!  They were on vacation for 2 months.  They brought so many good stuff like pomegranates, clementines, and dried figs!!  Tonight I made some cookies.  I ran out of many baking things like brown sugar, powered sugar, and chocolate chips so I wasn’t sure what to make.  I looked at V’con and say an awesome recipe for Fig Smushed-Anise-Almond Cookies.  I didn’t have the almonds or anise but I did have the figs!  Instead of Almonds I used walnuts and instead of anise I used more vanilla extract.  I call them Fig Smushed Walnut Cookies.  My cookies came out really really good!  As soon as I bit into them they brought so many memories.  They reminded me of the cookies my mom used to make when she would bake.  There a little bit of everything a little bit chewy, a little crispy and so good!  For some reason I always make my cookies big and I never make the exact amount, these were really supposed to be a bit smaller but oh well.  The walnuts really help the fig cookies as walnuts and figs are the perfect couple!  By the way walnuts are awesome to stuff into dried figs!  I won’t post the recipe up since I don’t have much time and anyways its in V’con and everyone has v’con, right??  All I did is use walnuts instead of almonds, used regular sugar and used regular figs.  The recipe is on page 234-235 in Veganomicon.


Homemade dried figs from my grandpa and grandma

Fig Smushed-Walnut Cookies_edited-1

Fig Smushed-Walnut Cookies (Adapted from V’con)

Hey everyone!  Today for dinner I made Albanian-Style Bean. You may be wondering what in the world are Albanian-Style Beans, don’t worry I am here to tell you.  I am here to introduce a great way to eat beans!!  My ethic backround is Albanian.  My mom and dad were born in Montenegro so I know a lot of Albanian dishes that I will be sharing with you from time to time.  By the way there are Albanian people in Montenegro.  Whrn I went to Montenegro I told everyone all the different ways I cook beans like put them into soups, stews, etc.  This was unheard of there.   There is only one way Albanian people eat beans.  They eat them in a gravy like liquid.  The  liquid is like a thick soup.  The most popular beans that we use are any white bean and roman/kidney beans.  These beans can be flavored in so many ways.  I like to put whatever soup vegetables I have on hand.  Most often I put carrot, peppers, and celery.  I like to flavor it with paprika, oregano, and Vegeta.  Now you may be wondering what in the world is Vegeta.  Vegetais an awesome seasoning that Albanians always use, in fact it’s our number one seasoning.  It is dehydrated vegetables, some spices, and lots of salt!  Its really good and I put it in quite a few dishes mostly Albanian dishes.  I feel it is difficult make Albanian food without vegeta, it just doesn’t taste Albanian.  I think almost every Albanian household has vegeta.  I really think you should go to an eastern European market and get it.  I sometimes use it in place of vegetable bouillon cubes or vegetable broth.   I am going to give you a basic recipe on how to make these beans. I am always experimenting on these beans as I just learned how to make them. This is what I did with them today. 

Albanian-Style Beans

Albanian style beans

1 pound of beans (Today I used Roman Beans)
1 Large Onion chopped and half of it goes whole
1 Carrot fine chopped
1/2 Red Bell Pepper fine chopped
1.5 teaspoons of paprika
1/2 teaspoon oregano
3 teaspoons vegeta or any powered broth or 1 bouillon cube or use vegetable broth instead of water
About 6 cups of water
A couple of tablespoons of Olive Oil
2 tablespoons tomato paste or tomato sauce (Optional)
1.5 tablespoons flour
Salt and Pepper to taste

Soak the beans for 8-12 hours. Rinse them and put about 6 cups of water covering them by a fair amount. Add the carrots and half an onion. Bring to boil and then to a simmer. Cook beans until they start to get tender about 40 mins depending on beans.

When they start to get tender start chopping the onions. Heat a skillet to medium heat. Add the oil. Add the onions. You want the onions to cook nice and slowly for about 10 minutes. Add the herbs and paprika. Also add tomato paste if using. Also season with salt and pepper. Add the flour and cook for about a minute. Add the mixture to the beans. Then you want to clean the pan with the bean broth and add it back to the beans. Cook the beans for 15 minutes until thickened. You want it to be nice and gravy like. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with bread and salad.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me as you probably have never heard of Albanian food or this dish.

Hey everyone!  My mom bought quite a few vegetables this week.  They all screamed Soup to me all week long so that’s what I made today!  I love making making soup.  I think what I love most is chopping all the vegetables, I think this is like the best part and eating it too.  Today I made a Minestrone soup which is a soup with beans, pasta, and vegetables.  I made a lot, by a lot I mean a pot overflowing with soup.  I will have leftovers for a while.  I love eating soup the more it sits, it just gets better and better.   Minestrone Soup is one of best soups and it is so simple to make, I throw whatever vegetables I have on hand, some beans, some pasta, broth, tomatoes, herbs, and that’s about it.  It’s that easy.  My mom has taught me everything I need to know about making a vegetable soup, that I can make it with my eyes closed!  I wrote a recipe that describes what I do most often when I make this soup. 

My Recipe for Minestrone Soup

minestrone soup 2

I use whatever vegetables I have on hand. Some of my key vegetables to include are cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, bell peppers, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes canned or fresh, and spinach. Feel free to add whatever you like. I add the vegetables that take longer to cook like potatoes, cabbage, carrots in the beginning and vegetables that take a shorter time to cook like zucchini in the end. This is a very verstile recipe, you could play around with it!

The Ingredients:
2 medium bell peppers diced small
1 onion chopped
4 garlic gloves
2-3 carrots diced small
2-3 stalks of celery diced small
2 small zucchinis diced Small
1/2 head of cabbage shredded
2 medium potatoes
1/2 pound of spinach
1/4 cup parsley
1 teaspoon oregano
1/4 teaspoon sage
1/2 teaspoon Thyme
2 bay leaves
8-10 cups of vegetable broth
1 can of white beans or more if you like I used fresh beans which is about 2 – 2.5 cups
28 oz can of tomatoes or 2 pounds of fresh tomatoes
1/2 cups short tubed pasta like elbow, I used orzo this time because it was all I had.
Salt and pepper to taste


First you shred the cabbage, I shred it with a knife because the cabbage shreds better than in the food procceser.
prep for soup 1
Chop the onions, carrots, and celery.
prep for soup 2
Heat a soup pot with oil to medium heat. Add the onions, carrots, and celery and saute for 8-10 minutes. Meanwhile start chopping the rest of the vegetables.
cooking soup 1
Add the bell peppers. Add the tomatoes and cook for 5 more minutes. Add the potatoes and cabbage. Also add the bay leave, oregano, thyme, salt/pepper and sage. Now you can add the broth and bring it to a boil. When it’s up to a boil bring it to simmer. Simmer it for 15 minutes. Add the zucchini and cook for another 10-15 minutes.
soup cooking on the stove
Add the pasta and cook for another 10 minutes. Now add the spinach and beans. Cook for 5 minutes. Finish it off with the fresh parsley. Enjoy!

Hey everyone!  I couldn’t blog yesterday because my Internet was down,  Anyways yesterday I made some Eggplant Caponata from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen Cookbook.  Now this is my second time making Caponata.  The first time I made it how the Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen Cookbook says to which is roasting the eggplant.  This time I fried the eggplant which is the more of the traditional way of making caponata and I also used balsamic vinegar and some red wine vinegar instead of just red wine vinegar.  I liked the eggplant caponata that I made yesterday but I really prefer the pre roasting the eggplant vs. frying the eggplant.  I found that frying the eggplant made the caponata really heavy.  I couldn’t eat it all because it was so heavy!  I just wanted to try frying since its more traditional and I was little on a hurry, but roasting is way way better!!  Eggplant caponata is fairly easy to make.  You pre roast/fry the eggplant.  Make the sauce with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cook it for 20 minutes.  Add the vinegar, sugar, tomato paste, olives, and capers.  Throw it all together and cook it for another 10 minutes and you’ve got yourself Eggplant Caponata.  Today I took the leftover Caponata and turned it into a pasta dish which I always do for leftover vegetable stews.  I’ve been having a lot of pasta lately, nearly all my posts have some pasta dish in it.  I can’t help it, its so good and easy, but I think I should take a break from pasta for a while.

Eggplant Capanta

Eggplant Caponata served over rice

 Rigatoni with Eggplant Capanota

Leftover Eggplant Caponata turned into pasta

One thing I miss during my prevegan days is feta cheese.  I loved feta cheese.  Thankfully I found an awesome recipe for vegan feta cheese.  I used Bryanna Clark’s recipe for Tofu “Feta”.  This recipe is amazing!!  It reminds me of the feta cheese that I had during my prevegan days.  It is so so awesome.  It is really easy to make too.  You should definitely try Bryanna’s recipe, Bryanna has such awesome recipes!!  Thank you so much Bryanna for making such a great recipe for Tofu “Feta”!  Today I used my Tofu “Feta” in a salad.  I just can’t believe how close to cheese the Tofu “Feta” tastes, it has a very creamy taste to it!

Salad with Tofu Feta

Tofu “Feta” Salad

Hey everyone!  This week I bought some tempeh from the natural food supermarket.  Everything was so expensive there!  I had to beg my mom to go to that supermarket but at the end I wasn’t that happy, as everything was so overpriced.  We bought only 4 things, brown rice syrup, agar, tempeh, and a bag of chips. I just don’t know why the natural supermarkets have to be so overpriced. The produce at the supermarket was amazing!!!  With the high prices, I rather shop at the regular supermarket or Trader Joe’s.  Today I used the tempeh and made the vwav tempeh sausage crumbles.  I then had some jarred tomato sauce and mixed that in.  It is very very rare for me to use store-bought jarred tomato sauce.  I love making my own sauce, in fact I make almost everything from scratch.  The pasta and tempeh crumbles were really good! I love tempeh so much! I even ate some raw and it taste awesome, that’s how much I love it!  Here’s a picture below, not the best picture, sorry I was a bit lazy today!
Penne with Tempeh Sauage Crumbles