I take a cooking class in school. Today I had to cook in class for my class to taste. My teacher wanted me to cook tofu! I was very excited! No one ever tried tofu in my class. I chose the perfect tofu recipe to introduce people to tofu! It is the Chile Cornmeal Crusted Tofu from V’con. I served it in school with the Messy Rice and the Green Pumpkin-Seed Mole from V’con. I had under 4o minutes to cook in school. I had to rush a little. I manged to do everything but I cut my hand on the zester, it was some weird zester. That didn’t stop me, I still kept going! Everyone in my class tasted the tofu. They were amazed. They all loved it. I got compliments like that “That was divine”, “I never knew tofu was so good”. My teacher liked it too. She was very excited to have tofu because she never had it. One kid in my class borrowed my V’con. He liked the cookbook alot! I was so happy they all liked it. I wish I had some time to fry some more, but I ran out, so I just brought some home with me and ate it again today. At home I served it with plain rice, spinach and the green-pumpkin seed mole sauce.